A Smart Queueing System

A smart queue management system that swiftly organises waiting lines enabling social distancing.  The system allows your visitors to scan a QR-code and wait for their turn! That way, your visitor can wait right until his or her number is called, and there is no need to crowd up the waiting area. Making this a great solution for any premises that typically has long queues: Clinics, Government facilities, Retail, Eventing, Sporting and so on.    How virtual queueing works? With a virtual or mobile queue management system, customers can queue remotely through a mobile ticket – an online…

Wayfinder Case Study - Netcare

A Wayfinder is a great solution to empower your guests, visitors or shoppers to take control of their journey around ones premises. In most cases on entering an unfamiliar building people want to know where they are situated and to find a fastest route to their destination. Netcare recently undertook a project to strategically position a 49" digital touch screen in their Medical Centre foyer to keep patients, visitors and staff informed regarding the location of medical Doctors within the medical centre.   GOAL: To easily and efficiently inform hospital visitors regarding the location…

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