A smart queue management system that swiftly organises waiting lines enabling social distancing. 

The system allows your visitors to scan a QR-code and wait for their turn! That way, your visitor can wait right until his or her number is called, and there is no need to crowd up the waiting area. Making this a great solution for any premises that typically has long queues: Clinics, Government facilities, Retail, Eventing, Sporting and so on. 


How virtual queueing works?

With a virtual or mobile queue management system, customers can queue remotely through a mobile ticket – an online ticket visible on their phones.

It starts with the customer checking-in by scanning a QR code. Upon checking-in, they can choose the service, or multiple services, and then receive an e-ticket, allowing them to wait anywhere for their turn. As they are waiting, their progress will be monitored in the queue on their phones, and, lastly, they will get a notification when their turn arrives.


Benefits of virtual waiting line management solutions

  • Waiting time reduction
  • Efficient customer flow management
  • Improving customer journey and experience
  • Increasing staff productivity and efficiency


Its usability improves service efficiency while its design seamlessly blends into the room aesthetics.
Built with solid technologies, it is open to integrations with third-party systems (APIs). A smart solution to elevate the service experience to a whole new level.

- Paperless ticket 

- Easy device registration 

- Cloud based 

- Ticket kiosk in your pocket 

- Statistics  

- Open to intergrations 


Theatres, Cinema's, Eventing, Sporting, Clinics don't have to be connected to long queues: avoid crowding at the entrance of your premies. It's pointless to comply with all the rules inside, if outside all your visitors are glued to each other waiting to enter. 

Visitors can check-in with their devices: You just provide them with basic information post check-in, like visitor pass, line-ups, or a link of the map of the event 

Use real time information: Monitor your visitor's activity to check how successful you event was and how it can be improved. 

Make use of that Data: Create feedback forms in all moments of your event. Remember: Data and Analytics are crucial for future 


Recommended for: Banks, Retail, Hospitals, Clinics, Government Facilities, Events, Sporting, anywhere that involves queueing. 


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