Augmented Reality

A first in South Africa, BBM Digital is proud to present Kylii Kids Augmented Reality

Kylii Kids augmented reality screen transforms a simple TV into a magic mirror. With a 3D Camera, children interact in real-time with what they see. Costumes, accessories, virtual objects and magical words stimulate their imagination and encourage active play.

  1. BBM Digital Kids Augemented Reality Kylii Kids

    BBM Digital Kids Augemented Reality Kylii Kids

Over 35 games in augmented reality. In the blink of an eye, players can find themselves at one with nature, on a sports field, in a kitchen… the Kylii Kids universe adapts to your positioning and current trends.

With over 35 games in augmented reality and new additions year-round the possibilities are endless and so is the entertainment.

Imagine a world without between real and the imaginary, where your daily life is transformed and animates virtual elements according to the movements of your body. Welcome to augmented reality!

Recommended for:

  • Indoor Leisure Parks
  • Family Entertainment Centres
  • Museum and Cultural Sites
  • Marketing and Special events
  • Shopping malls
  • Residential Estates
  • Holiday Resorts
  • Airport Retail and Entertainment areas

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*BBM Digital Solutions is the official distributor of Kylii Kids in South Africa.

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