Digital Treasure Hunt

What if you could create a giant and interactive treasure hunt in your city, in your indoor play area or in your shopping mall? What about a digital treasure hunt both digital and physical games for all ages.

A first in South Africa, BBM Digital is proud to present Kylii Kids Digital Treasure Hunt

  1. BBM Digital Treasure Hunt

    BBM Digital Treasure Hunt

This Kylii Kids Quest Challenge is a next generation interactive treasure hunt that get children and families to move, walk around and explore!
Depending on the play mode chosen, you can make interactive playgrounds indoor and leisure parks. Or organise interactive team games (birthdays, seminars, sports tournaments etc.) Or even create playful itineraries (visiting a city, a cultural place, a school, a shopping mall the options are endless)

So, ready, steady, GO!

A Digital and Multi-purpose treasure hunt!

You can use the digital treasure hunts to animate a leisure park daily, to create a giant quest game in your city around a mystery word or even to organise birthdays or team buildings.

Thanks to a wide range of themes (Christmas, carnival, egg hunt...) and game modes for different uses (daily or special events), the digital treasure hunt can be configured to match your needs!

Recommended for:

  • Indoor Leisure Parks
  • Family Entertainment Centres
  • Museum and Cultural Sites
  • Marketing and Special events
  • Shopping malls
  • Residential Estates
  • Holiday Resorts
  • Airport Retail and Entertainment areas

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*BBM Digital Solutions is the official distributor of Kylii Kids in South Africa.

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