Wifi Marketing

An intelligent WiFi hot spot for your guests

An intelligent Cloud WiFi software for Guest WiFi that runs in your cloud or your on-premise server.

The system enables you to deliver marketing videos, automatically send special offers at defined time intervals, collect data and send surveys.


  • Intelligent WiFi marketing system
  • WiFi advertising campaigns
  • WiFi Surveys (gather customer opinions)
  • Social WiFi Login (login with social accounts)
  • Internet control (control access, speed, data and device number)
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Automation (automatic customisable login message, email or coupon)
  • Statistics (detailed customer analytics)

How it works

WiFi is a marketing channel that can be utilised to display videos by requiring the customer to watch a video advertisement on their device to gain WiFi access.

The system can be adjusted for customers to login via their social media accounts or create a personal account which allows for more targeted advertising.

With access to the internet the customer is then provided with the option to visit the webpage for special offers.

Maximising your customer engagement!

BBM WiFi marketing is available for product activations, and in-store medium to long term contracts.

Email hello@bamboobeat.co.za for further information.

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