Touch Table

A collaborative kids touch table for your play area. An interactive game for kids, multiplayer and simple to install.

The Kylii Table can be used by up to 6 players simultaneously. Cooperative or competitive games with the other, in collaboration or in opposition. The interactive table has a catalogue of games that are fun, intelligent and educational.

  1. BBM Digital Touchscreen Kiosk Kylii Kids

    BBM Digital Touch Table Kylii Kids

Save the planet, explore the seabed, travel to the end of the world or venture into the jungle, Kylii Kids touch table offers more than 25 multiplayer games.

Recommended for:

  • Indoor Leisure Parks
  • Family Entertainment Centres
  • Museum and Cultural Sites
  • Marketing and Special events
  • Shopping malls
  • Residential Estates
  • Holiday Resorts
  • s
  • Airport Retail and Entertainment areas

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*BBM Digital Solutions is the official distributor of Kylii Kids in South Africa.

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