Interactive Wall

Propose to children a new playful and energetic way to play together transforming any wall into a digital and immersive game area.

A first in South Africa, BBM Digital is proud to present Kylii Kids Interactive Wall.

With Kylii Kids interactive wall system, a simple wall becomes tactile through interactive video projection. When a child touches the wall, an action occurs in the game. Children can discover, touch, play, marvel and share a unique and amazing experience.

  1. BBM Digital Kids Interactive Floor Kylii Kids

    BBM Digital Kids Interactive Floor Kylii Kids

Kylli Kids Interactive Wall is a gateway to a new world… While playing, children sometimes discovery a magical laboratory containing hidden secrets. Other times, they discover an open window on nature to restore its ecosystem. Sometimes, it could be an invitation to travel, life-size, which is revealed under the eyes and invites them to have fun around the virtual worlds.

BUT HOW? Combined with a 3D camera, a laser projector uses the surface of the wall as a screen to create an immersive and interactive world. The projection adapts and reacts according to the players movements and actions resulting in an immersive experience.

Recommended for:

  • Indoor Leisure Parks
  • Family Entertainment Centres
  • Museum and Cultural Sites
  • Marketing and Special events
  • Shopping malls
  • Residential Estates
  • Holiday Resorts
  • Airport Retail and Entertainment areas

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*BBM Digital Solutions is the official distributor of Kylii Kids in South Africa.

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