Digital Signage Easy And Effective Communication

Digital Signage is helping businesses across all sectors provide real-time up-to-date health and safety information to staff and customers. BBM can support you in staying connected Features Remote updates of content Real-time messaging Dynamic, eye-catching content Improved customer engagement Improved internal communication Ally in raising public awareness

Staff And Customer Access Control And Monitoring System

A high-tech access control measure to help prevent the spread of viruses and maintain a healthy environment. Features Infrared Thermography Facial Recognition Extreme Accuracy Swift Recognition speed (Approx. 1 Second) Device allows access (or signals for warning alter) High Performance CPU Multiple installation options

Magnet Head Office Digital Screens

Bamboo Beat Media was tasked with outfitting the showroom of Magnet's Head Office following the building's official opening. We installed and designed content for an array of digital signage solutions aiming to provide visitors with in-depth information about the Magnet Group of companies and their partners. Many solutions were interactive, encouraging visitor engagement. An elegant 46" Vertical Touch Welcome Display welcomes visitors, complete with wayfinding, company history, team building, awards & accolades, community projects and scan-ready QR codes to instantly add staff contact info…

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