Bamboo Beat Media was tasked with outfitting the showroom of Magnet's Head Office following the building's official opening.
We installed and designed content for an array of digital signage solutions aiming to provide visitors with in-depth information about the Magnet Group of companies and their partners.

Magnet Head Office

Many solutions were interactive, encouraging visitor engagement.

An elegant 46" Vertical Touch Welcome Display welcomes visitors, complete with wayfinding, company history, team building, awards & accolades, community projects and scan-ready QR codes to instantly add staff contact info to your smartphone.

Vertical Touch Poster

The 50" Pick and Watch solution encourages engagement with its novel approach to interactivity. A selection of products are arranged on shelves around the screen and each triggers its own specific content video once placed on the platform below the screen. This is achieved by means of a RFID  (Radio-frequency Idenification) tag attached to each product that sends a signal to the reader in the trigger platform once it comes within range.

Pick & Watch Intro video from Bamboo Beat Media on Vimeo.

In addition to these, two 32" touch screens, a 65" display, four 10" instructional digital screens and a Shelf Talker were also installed. The wide variety of digital solutions not only showcase what Magnet is all about; they also offer a glimpse into Bamboo Beat's extensive range of digital screen options.

Other Installations


Shelf Talker Content from Bamboo Beat Media on Vimeo.