Vertical Posters

A Vertical Poster is an upright (portrait) screen framed into an aluminum panel display. This unique design adds a touch of class to any retail or corporate environment.

The hardened glass front finish as well as the minimal depth design are sought after features in this digital signage category. Owing to the fact that the vertical poster is an all-in-one solution it is by far the most portable digital signage solutions and therefore ideal for disruptive campaigns within the retail environment.

  1. BBM Digital Solutions Vertical Poster

    BBM Outdoor LED Educational Facilities Screen
  2. BBM Digital Solutions Vertical Poster

    BBM Digital Solutions Indoor LED Screen Retail
  3. BBM Digital Solutions Vertical Poster

    BBM Corporate Environment Digital Vertical Poster

Note: Touch screen options are also available.

Recommended for

  • Retail
  • Corporates
  • Healthcare
  • Educational facilities
  • Government facilities
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